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Beam (Structural Framing) Color Legend

Beam (Structural Framing) Color Legend

Provide a new Color Fill Category for Beams (Structural Framing). to colorize beam and beam systems properties similar to how duct and pipe systems can be colored.

Mock-up of Beam LegendMock-up of Beam Legend











This would allow quick visualization of multiple properties ranging from the type of beam, depth, structural loads, length, etc.


Here is a mock-up image of a color scheme that would be colored by Type Name.

Mock-up of Color Scheme for BeamMock-up of Color Scheme for Beam

























Currently, the only other way to accomplish something similar (as far as I know) is to use filters, but if you have lots of beams, there is a lot of set-up needed.

Break down of making filters to color beams.Break down of making filters to color beams.









































It would be nice to also make similar Color Schemes for Structural Columns, Structural Foundations, etc.


You have an excellent idea , sir. "Color elements by geometric properties" and "color by material" would be really helpful. I use coloration schemes all the time in structural analysis software like Etabs. It's much faster visual aid than filters.

I think this would be useful for many more elements as well. Maybe it's time for a refactoring of the legend functions in Revit? Rather than needing a button for each category and being limited in categories, how about the ability to apply a legend like this to any category in Revit?


This way, beams, floors, walls, etc, could all get colorized as needed. I also like the suggestion to be able choose properties by which to apply color, as suggested by ipselute.


Thank you both for the feedback and suggestions. It's the great community feedback that helps to refine ideas into something useable.  Please share a link to this idea to help get more support for it. 


Look at BIMOne Color Splasher free add-in. 🙂


It's almost the way it should work : be able to colorize every variation of a defined parameter following a predefined scheme.


the addin is quite limited (view dependent element color override (both lines and faces), random but editable scheme) but it works al lot quicker than filters for quick analyses !




ARUtils has implemented this functionality by automatically creating filters, you can pretty much do any category and any parameter. There is also another function to apply "Tape" to walls, typically fire rating, but any other parameter can be used. 

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quick way to do this is to make a selection set for a type of beam IE  203 UC 46 select all instances of the that beam, by right clicking and save the selection set (make it the same name as the beam) add to filters and you get the option to override the colour.  Only took me 10 minuets for about 15 beam types (1200 members), its dependant on the selection set being correct!! maybe we will get this in the next version of revit



not only for Beams, but also walls / floors / etc.

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I was wondering is there are any plans integrating this feature. I am using color schemes for structural elements in every single project and so far I am doing it by using filters which it might be very time consuming when structural elements have very similar names.

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