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Basic Walls and Curtain Walls

Basic Walls and Curtain Walls

I would like to see the capability of joining Basic walls and Curtain Walls.  I work on multi-family residential type projects.  When I do board and batten walls, I generally use two walls, a basic wall and a curtain wall.  With openings such as doors and window which are hosted to the basic wall, I then have to modify the profile of the curtain wall.  It would be nice if both families could be joined so that users don't have to cut profiles to the opening in one or the other wall.  Another option to this is to be able to do vertical sweeps within the basic wall family "Modify Vertical Structure" category, such as the horizontal sweeps in (Section Preview only).  Having the capability to do vertical sweeps in the basic wall family would be better than doing the individual vertical sweeps and arrraying.




J. Kim Candelario

Senior BIM Associate, Defy Co Labs

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This idea sounds like this idea: Walls have framing..... - Autodesk Community


if the same ask @kimberly.fuhrman to combine

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