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Automatism for Revit Sheet Issues/Revisions

Automatism for Revit Sheet Issues/Revisions

Some easy automatism in the Sheet Issues/Revisions would be very helpful and could save time...




...when issuing a revision, it would be great if DATE, ISSUED TO and ISSUED BY  been filled automatically.


  • Date... with the systemdate... (therefore it would be great, having a possibility to define an format in die Units-settings of the porject!); The field itselfs can continue beeing an textfield, but the vale that shold be written into it should be in the project-defined date-format
  • Issued to... the sheetname(s) where the revision is/are iussued should be written here
  • Issued by... the user, how is running the Revit-session... so to say, the username out ot the Revit options should be written here



I think this would be better as a plugin. It works for your specific use case, but would cause issues for ours, and I think a lot of other peoples too.


Date: The date that the issued box is checked is often not the date that it is issued. (for example all revisions for a project needing the same date, but consultant sheets due the day before to compile or for a senior [non-Revit] user to review).  What happens when the sheet is issued/unissued?


Issued to: This might work for by sheet, but what would be the point? The sheet number should already be there.  On by project revisions you couldn't fit tens of sheets in the probably small box.


Issued by: Again, the Revit modeler might not be the issuer.  It is also likley a small box, fitting only initials.


We do by project revisions, and use the "Issued To" field for delta numbers most of the time, so we don't have to have dummy revisions to handle those that didn't affect our model. The date is that which we will issue the revision, and everyone has the same one.  


Well all you are saying is right, BUT then it woul be more correkt to call these columns like value1, value2, value3...


but the collums were given these names and so we try to use them the way they're called... and having an automatism that runns once... still gives everybody the opportunity to make any changes and fill in what ever he wants...


BTW... espacially when thinking about the column "issiued to" ... it's just crying for an automatism... because... when working with clouds on views where the user sometimes does not knwo in witch sheet it will be seen... you want him to "just look and find out?" ...


But what about... there will be this field as an outomatism and we get another one for free?




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