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Assembbly association

Assembbly association

Working mainly with precast elements, I have a lot of equal elements all over one project, but if you have to change something, like a rebar position, REVIT creates a new assembly, attributes a new assembly name, and all the others assemblies remain the same with the previous assembly name and without any change.

It would be grate that when creating an assembly, to be possible to have a check box that said "Dependent assembly" and that meanning "Any changes made in this assembly will be made in all the assemblies with the same name".

If you want to change only one then you would uncheck the check box and only then, automaticaly, REVIT could create a new assembly and give it a new assembly name.


This avoid the loss of time when editing assemblies and to go back to the project to correct it.



Also it would be nice when new assembly created from difference will dublicate all views with annotations from origine instance.

Good idea YarUnderoaker . Or something intermediate as when a change is made, or a new assembly is created to have REVIT to ask the user if he wants to change all of the assemblies with the same name or not and if the user wants to retain all the annotationsin the origine instance.....



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