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API to set Linework

API to set Linework

Please provide an API to get/set Lineworks both in a actual model or a linked model.




Thanks for raising this!


One example is the two crossing ducts, their elevations are not the same. one is higher, and the other is lower.  The shoping drawing should like attached images.
So users have to use the linework command to make the lower duct's part invisible. doing this causes long time. and also tedious for users.

So when users use the line work, there is a chance to take advantage of linework api to improve the speed.

It is really useful for my customers. this is the only API i voted for so many years of Revit plugin development career.

normally i use workaround to solve problem if there is no API Revit.

For this linkwork setting API, I also tried using the automation by mimicing click by mouse. However the result is not realistic. sometime it works, sometime it cannot achieve the target. So i gave up this workaround.


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This is quite useful.
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This is useful to us!


Although I haven't used this command yet, I believe it is useful


we need it



It's annoying that once you use the function,it will be a massive job.The lines you want to deal with is spreaded in views and views. The also improtant is how to find the line quickly. There is always a lot of lines overlapping, I can try when I use the function manually,but it's not possible when I developing。

Sincerely holp we can have the Lineworks API to use. Thanks.

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its useful for us ,hope it 😁


This function is of great significance to BIM-based design. It would be a good news for all the BIM developers if Revit could include it in its API.

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its useful for us ,hope it !!!!

Definitely would be useful.  




very useful, specially for designers.


 We are in a great need of this API.

It will improve the automatic drafting job. 

Now the problem of using revit is the efficiency of make design drafting drawing from model. Espcelly changing linetype of the section, my customers spend most of time on the changing linetype using LW command. They has to give up using Revit because the efficiency of producing shop drawing is not as good as AutoCAD. (In AutoCAD, users has some addins to produce shop drawing automatically, that works very fast. Time is money for designers.  No users would like to pay more time and get less work result).


if I have this LW command equivalent API, we will ASAP develope  addins to automatically produce design drawing. Revit users then will speed up dramatically producing the design drawing.


Again and again, I hope to have this earlier.  This is the most high priority API  my company needs.




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