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Allow to specify nudge distance

Allow to specify nudge distance

When I do detailing I manually explode the various elements in the detail to make it more readable. It would be very useful if I could specify the nudge distance so that I could quickly move the detail items by the same offset every time.


That would be awesome. Nudging seems like a mockery to me. If you can't quantify it, then don't use it! (The need of ) Nudging is the direct expression of graphical imprecision. If Revit would be as precise as Autocad (double precision), then the need of nudging will be no more.

Nudging is the opposite of engineering. If you want Revit to become an engineering tool, you absolutely need to get rid of such "bad arhitectural habits". The architectural philosophy of drawing lines and planes without dimensions just doesn't work in engineering.

Revit is supposed to be BIM, it is supposed to manage everything, every nut and bolt. In a precise manner. No more nudging please! Just more precision.

@tomek I totally agree.

@ipselute You are very arbitrary in your opinion.


I'm engineer (architect). I work with raster-based floorplans 120x120cm.

It would be great, to have oportunity to "nudge" walls every 5 cm instead of using "move" command.

Sad, that we are closed in our boxes and don't want to understand the needs of others.

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