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Allow or forbid connections according to material

Allow or forbid connections according to material

It would help me in modelling existing conditions if walls connected to one another when they are of the same material. Right now I need to model brick walls somewhat short of a concrete one crossing its path, dis-allow the connection then extend it to meet the concrete wall.


@MichaelWolff : see these ideas


(1) Material priority’s to setup how materials/components (wall, floor, roofs, …) join - Autodesk Commun...

(2) Drag and drop Wall Layers in Wall Joins - Autodesk Community


they are cross referenced with each other in the comments


I would consider a combine with the first. Please ask @kimberly.fuhrman to combine with the one you feel is most relevant.



@wr.marshall @kimberly.fuhrman I have seen these ideas and think them too complicated to be implemented in the near future - if at all. My proposal would be to have the allow/disallow join button to be material sensitive.

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