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allow copying parameter values

allow copying parameter values

Sometimes you need to search for text strings or other parameter values outside of Revit. For this purpose users need to manually copy whatever information the properties window provides. This is tedious and error prone - especially if the value in question is something cryptic like an IfcGUID.

I propose to allow to mark and Ctrl+C whatever is visible. Whether the selection is editable or not should not matter.

Tested on Revit 2023 and this is not possible.

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Plans in BIM360/BIM Collaborate Pro/Autodesk Docs have a routine to interpret parts of uploaded sheet scans and gather alpha-numeric intel from them. It would greatly enhance Revit to allow something similar with say referenced pdf, image or cad data. This would be especially helpful if your modelling base comes from a different country and uses characters your keyboard does not provide. Or how about allowing to parse handwritten notes in scanned sketches?

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