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Adding Parameters to Building/Space Type Settings

Adding Parameters to Building/Space Type Settings

It would be very helpful if Parameters can be added to the Space Type settings.

This makes it possible to manage the spaces at a higher level.


Choosing a Space Type will set several Parameters as defined, but the Parameters should be able to be overwritten.

2018-08-01 07_53_39-Building_Space Type Settings.png


Any news about this?

It would be helpful to be able to do this.




Bump! User defined parameters for space types should be made possible.


Bump Bump Bump! As a mechanical engineer, it would be incredibly helpful to be able to define additional values under parameters for space types such as those from ASHRAE 170 or IMC 2015 for Ventilation requirements. Such as Outside Air, Total Air, and Exhaust Air ACH (Air changes per hour). Currently all I have is one ACH value to work with in the space settings. Autodesk, PLEASE allow us to add these Space Type Parameters. Maybe you could make it a category that is listed when choosing a category for a new parameter .... "Space Types". I was able to add these parameters as instance parameters for Spaces, but then the automation of Space Types is not being used!

I came here to post a wish that matches this EXACTLY... I'll ECHO mburt's example. We need these other params to be able to do a proper IMC Ventilation schedule that includes exhaust. A space should know if it is neutral, positive or negative to adjacent spaces and by how much CFM or by how much pressure. The IMC code has formulas to calc the individual space OA req's. It has a formula that calcs a zone or vav's minimum OA req's. It has a formula that calcs the plant or AHU level minimum OA using a diversity factor. For example: A conference room has a table for ten people that per the architect or owner is known to pull from other offices in the building. The space OA req accounts for ten people. The zone OA req accounts for ten people. The AHU or plant req does not include these ten people because it accounts for them in the building system population. IMC 403. equations 4-6, 4-7 & 4-8. mainly D = Ps / Sum Zones Pz ... "Ps = System population: The total number of occupants in an area served by the system. For design purposes, Ps, shall be the maximum number of occupants expected to be concurrently in all zones served by the system." We need to add up the system population and we do that upon the space itself, not on a plant or AHU level. I would specify "space people qty" = 10, and a "system people qty" = 0 on this conference room space. The "space people qty" is summed to calc Pz for spaces and zone OA reqs, and then "system people qty" is summed to calc Ps and the two together calcs the D which in turn calcs Vot which is the minimum for the plant or AHU. BTW: I use the word "System" and "Plant" or "AHU" interchangeably. @MartinSchmid: We need the "system people qty" on the space object itself to be able to sum up what spaces do and don't count towards the total system population... that Vot goes on the ventilation schedule to ensure the plant (AHU) meets the minimum OA reqs. BTW: OA is calculated by area, by people, by ACH sometimes, and (as mburt points out missing) is by Exhaust. Exhaust is just OA that is sucked not pushed! Innie's gotta equal the Outtie... unless you want the building itself to be slightly positive or negative... hmmm where should that param go?


This is critical for hospital design. 


Any chance of getting this Autodesk anytime soon? spaces are pretty much useless at this point for HVAC without being able to add our own parameters to space types.


Let me guess more generative design features will be added which no one needs will be added in Revit 2023. Or more "BIM" will be added.....................


Wouldn't be so annoyed if we haven't been waiting for some useful HVAC design ideas to be added to Revit for so long.....

Community Visitor
Community Visitor

Why should it take 5 years + to enable Spaces under type parameters? 


Hi Everyone.
Autodesk has added this feature in the Preview Release.
Please give it a look!
We appreciate your feedback.{...}




It would be very useful to also be able to run multiple outdoor air calculations on a space simultaneously.

For instance one with a given amount of airflow pr m³/h, one with a given amount of airflow pr person, and one in compliance with regulations.

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