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Add the View Scale option of "Not to Scale"

Add the View Scale option of "Not to Scale"

Add the View Scale option of "Not to Scale" - at least to drafting views and legends. This is very handy for cases where the view is hosting a perspective  (DWG, JPG, etc.) Or cut sheets or documents etc. .... and, of course, you will also allow it to be called N.T.S. 🙂  


... I want to add that, an NTS-designated view would have the unique ability to be dynamically scaled on a sheet with grips - similar to how you would scale an image. 



Hi Basam: 

Great suggestion! I've needed this on most, if not all, of my projects. ...and I've already been doing it on most/all of my projects. 


You can set your scale to display at NTS (or anything you want), but only if you set the scale for your view at the bottom on the screen in the view control bar.  You cannot set the scale to NTS if you set the scale in properties. 😕 



(Screenshot attached) 









It isn't as convenient, but you can add text (with a visibility parameter) and give the scale label a visibility parameter also (to suppress it).   We have done this for N.T.S. and also for drafting views referenced by a "View Reference" but not a section, to force a text for the referencing sheet.


This post is not about the workarounds people can or have come up with, to simply write NTS.

This IDEA is to actually have a new TRUE 'NOT TO SCALE' option where a view, when placed on a sheet, can be scaled and resized freely with grips, and be a true 'not to scale'.



I dont like when Text and Labels scale, when they should not. And I dont want to crate 2x Label families for the big scale and the small scale.

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