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Add Revit API support for non-shared Project Parameters

Add Revit API support for non-shared Project Parameters

Currently the Revit API does not support creating or renaming (or deleting?) non-shared project parameters, even though these tasks can be done in the user interface of Revit itself.

We would like the ability to at least rename non-shared project parameters with the API to help fix a problem Revit itself creates. 

In the Revit GUI you can create a non-shared project parameter and load any number of different shared parameters with case-sensitive-identical names, as long as their GUIDs are different, so you could have this:

Parameter1   (non-shared)

Parameter1   (shared, Guid #1)

Parameter1   (shared, Guid #2)


But in the above example you can't create a second non-shared project parameter in the Revit user interface called Parameter1.  The GUI will not let you do that.


However, Revit itself DOES create duplicate non-shared project parameters.  We think it happens when you import other things or maybe do a transfer project standards.  So you can see something like this in Revit, even though you can't do it in the user interface:


Parameter1   (non-shared)

Parameter1   (non-shared)

Parameter1   (non-shared)


The idea is to use the API to rename the non-shared duplicates in order to draw attention to which parameter is which, to help the user make decisions about what is safe to remove. 


So the goal would be to allow the API to detect the situation (which it can currently do) and then rename the duplicates to something like this:


Parameter1_Duplicate1   (non-shared)

Parameter1_Duplicate2   (non-shared)

Parameter1_Duplicate3   (non-shared)


For example, the Revit user could put all 3 renamed duplicate parameters in a schedule and easily see which have any data in them and then know with confidence which ones are safe to delete.  They could also go to any matching element instance and easily see to where to copy the value from a to-be-deleted duplicate parameter to the to-be-kept parameter so no data is lost when the duplicate non-shared project parameter is deleted.


For example, they could easily see on an element instance (or in a schedule) if "Parameter1_Duplicate2" or "Parameter1_Duplicate3" had a value, copy that over into the "Parameter1_Duplicate1" parameter, then delete Parameter1_Duplicate2 and Parameter1_Duplicate3 from the project altogether, and finally rename Duplicate1 back to the original name.


An app could actually do that kind of project cleanup automatically the significant majority of the time if it had the ability to rename and delete non-shared project parameters, like you can do in the Revit user interface.


Being able to create a non-shared project parameter could be nice, too, but isn't strictly needed for this specific workflow.


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