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Add Keyboard Shortcut Option for "Activate Dimensions" in Revit

Add Keyboard Shortcut Option for "Activate Dimensions" in Revit

I would love Autodesk to add the option of creating a custom keyboard shortcut in Revit for "activating dimension" when multiple items are selected. Our company regularly uses over 200 keyboard shortcuts in our daily workflow to design and produce working drawings in Revit. Adding this simple capability to Revit's arsenal of improvements would eliminate countless interruptions to our workflow and save us invaluable time in production!! There has been a previous suggestion to add an option to Revit for toggling these dimension either on or off, and that seems like it might be a useful feature as well. I'm just not sure if that is more complicated and might cause other issues. Our team thinks that merely adding the hotkey capability would suffice to streamline workflow! Please vote and comment if you'd like this problem fixed!! 😁
















It's about time this got fixed but Autodesk cannot get off the couch to do it.


This would help everyone greatly! 


@jpbarkenhagen & @sva5L5J2


Thanks for your comments!


I'm hoping Autodesk will put it on their list of prioritized updates!

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