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Add In Manager

Add In Manager

ribbon.pngIn the Revit Options there should be a better way to manage addins.  Similar to microsoft office products, they would still be able to still exist but be turned off or on.  


I would also suggest being able to remove them from the same dialog -- many 3rd party authors don't write working uninstall scripts for their addons, and once installed they remain until the Windows profile is created or the program is reinstalled.


A must have !!

Dealing with addins can be cumbersome.

While working on a project we can use many addins that a really valuable, but it can be overwhelming when you have to deal with many different menus. And above all we don't need them all all the time. I may use addins A, B, C and D. but I use A once or two during the time of the project.

So this addin manager is definitely needed.




100% Please consider!


Dealing with conflicting add-ins is an all-too-common occurrence and regularly results in users blaming Revit (or in a recent case, BIM 360). In these instances, Autodesk did nothing wrong but the user is blaming your software anyway.


Considering the growing number of add-ins that users want on their machines, it would be helpful to allow for a minimalist approach. For example, a user may want an add-in that they only use once a month. It would be great if that add-in was generally unloaded but they could go into an add-in manager and enable it for the rare instances that they need it.


It seems Stantec went so far as to create a utility of their own. Still, I would like to see this functionality built directly into Revit.




Hi Revit users,
I hope everything is well with you!

I'm a product owner of a Revit development team and we're very interested in this topic and want to know more about it.

I want to invite any of you for user research to get your thoughts & suggestions about the Add-In Manager.
If you are willing to share some thoughts with us, please send me a private message (including your email address), then I'll follow up with you by sending out the formal research invitation.
Thank you!



No more votes for this idea since 2018? I guess BIM managers are too busy managing the effects of a missing plugin manager to vote here!


Considering Revit relies heavily on external tools to do very very very basic stuff (like, until very recently, a decent pdf printing tool. I won't say more, you get the point), they should at least care to ease the heavy troubleshooting process these add-ins often require.


Just as @aking_watg mentioned, the blame often falls on the Revit team when things go wrong (which is not entirely false).





Ideally, disabling add-ins would not be required to get other add-ins to work. Or better yet, no add-ins would be required, but I'm not so naïve as to expect that. But we should not need so many to do basic tasks.

In the mean time, we must install an app to manage the apps.

However, there are only two apps available to manage the many add-ins. But they have VERY limited functionality. 

Consequentially, the only benefit they provide is informing me where the add-in files are so I can manually disable them ONE BY ONE.

I found that there are literally DOZENS of add-ins running on my machine. AFAIK, only ONE add-in was manually added it's possible IT added some before I started at my current job only 3 months ago and they supposedly re-installed my Autodesk products then.

I have Revit 2019 thru R2024 on my computer and need all of them. That means that each add-in shows up several times.

So at the core of the issue (from my perspective): 

Why are so many add-ins required, and WHERE do they all come from? I only recognize a few. 


IF an add-in manager is added, will it function in older versions of Revit, like 2021, 2022, etc.? 


My current project uses R22, but we use R21 thru R24 regularly. 


I am worried that Dynamo will become virtually unusable, because it requires a complicated and tedious dance of removing/disabling add-ins, updating or downgrading packages with custom nodes. I have virtually no experience with programing and have found that some basic Python knowledge is required to operate Dynamo. 

With all that whining over, most of the problem is mitigated by the fact there is such an active and knowledgeable community in the forums to help people through there issues. 


Edit: the add-in managers cannot disable any of the add-ins. In the DiRoots one, they area all greyed out (except for Dynamo, Ironically). 

In the Stantec version, it gives me an error message for each add-in, saying that it cannot rename the file (see attached snipped photo)


add-in manager.JPG

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