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Add assemblies to Revit LT

Add assemblies to Revit LT

As a small interior design studio, we use Revit LT in our office. It works quite well for us. The biggest problem is that we need to create construction documentation of custom-made pieces of furniture, which is in most of our projects, such as coffee tables, chest of drawers, casework, kitchen cabinetry. It's quite difficult to do in Revit LT - one has to create many elevations, 3 for every piece of furniture. It would be helpful to have Assemblies functionality for this task. We could than easily create construction documents (views and cuts) for each piece of furniture independently of it's placement in the project.

I think our use case - small design studio - is just what Revit LT was created for. Adding assemblies would add to the usefulness of this tool.

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Yup. I support this idea. Small businesses, mostly LT users, are also the most users of the Assemblies tools. 

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