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Activate Assembly function for steel fabrication (plates, bolts, profiles).

Activate Assembly function for steel fabrication (plates, bolts, profiles).

Please, activate Assembly function for steel fabrication (plates, bolts, profiles). Then it is possible to do steel assembly drawings in Revit. No need to use Advance Steel then, because it is a very different product - problems with export occur, need to educate personal etc.


There is a post of Autodesk manager about stopping Advance Steel developing. Maybe in near future we will see Revit progress in this direction.


I fully detailed a 20,000 sqft steel frame building in Revit, the construction went well. But unfortunately I was not easily able to detail it as I had to create my own filters to isolate members. Please allow for structural components to be in the assembly function. I am personally not interested jumping back into a AutoCAD product (advance steel) to do what I know can be done in Revit. 


For everything being about BIM, I am surprised to still not see this functionality in 2024. Without assemblies or even groups, the steel tools are seriously limited, unless I want to export to another product. It seems like a major waste to have these elaborately developed steel tools that can't make drawings, and I am still resorting to face based families to get full functionality when I want to detail connections.


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