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3d views: Duplicate as Dependant

3d views: Duplicate as Dependant

3d views need the ability to "duplicate as dependent".  We use dependent views frequently for views that must be on several pages, so that a change in one place is a change in all.  This isn't an option for 3d views, requiring greater management.


For example, on a project with early release packages there are multiple cover sheets, one for each package.  Several of them need the exact same cover image, but there is no way to ensure that the views aren't different between sheets.


Es verdad, es dificil por que suelo editar mis vistas en 3D, uso Linework en estas vistas, y necesito duplicar las vistas para trabajar diferentes fases en cada una, pero tengo que volver a editar cada vista con los LINEWORK. Es necesario que activen ese comando.



Yes! Dependent views for 3D parents would be AWESOME.  For example, on many of my projects, the move to utilizing Glue in BIM 360 is happening fast, and it is often a requirement from the contractors to have multiple views setup to Glue.  In this instance, I have a combined MEP model in a project with 19 levels.  The contractor has requested that views be divided up by level and by discipline.  This means I'll have 57 independent 3D views to manage, instead of 3.  Come on.  View Templates can only go so far when there are multiple users working in one model.


Agreed. This should be a basic feature. I would love to create a single 3D view and then use dependent views for smaller zones. This way I can easily isolate detailed zones and manage the view as one, rather than be template dependent which is a slow and painful, error-prone workflow.


This feature is urgently required.

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