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3D tags

3D tags

I've seen that there was another post from 2019 about 3D roomtags. Which required dynamo and family properties to be set.


My idea is to create or add a 3D tag function in Revit, just like the casual 2D tag, but then in model text.

(which beforehand can be set in the proper way, color/size/etc...)


EX. Let us say that you have an MEP model, now image that each component has in 3D a tag with it's height/description next to it. There will be no need for measurements because it's a literal tag of the actual value (BIM).


EX2. How nice would it be if the informatie you want to see on your plan view 2D also shows in your 3D model... no need for double checking or measurements.


I am not quite sure whether model text is up to the task. When I setup a general tag that is about the size of the product info sheets attached to everything inside an IKEA, I figured the (model) text needs to have a certain minimum size (5 mm) for legibility and even more to look like the actual font (10 mm). The text you cannot read in this example is 3.5 mm, which is still somewhat larger than an average letter's letters.Cannot have normal letter font sizes in model text.Cannot have normal letter font sizes in model text.

Maybe pasting the tags as generated decals is the way to do this but those do not export well.


the text size will be configurated based on what is needed for that specific object. i understand where you come from. but this shouldn't borther the idea here. which is to be able to add 3D text to an object to link to.

thank you for your reply !


I agree with this request, we have been playing with some ideas for how to better deliver construction information to the field and with ACC and the ability to "walk-thru" buildings now.  Having the finish material tagged on walls in rooms, or door tags tagged on the door itself as you walk infront of the door, or the furniture tag with mfr and model.  So yes.  Basically we want the functionality of any 2d tag to be able to be placed on the face of any  3d object in revit and then visible in renderings, pano's, or bim360 views.  3d tags.png

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