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2020 Revit Object Relational Diagram

2020 Revit Object Relational Diagram

Hello all.


I have been coding Revit addins for a few months now and our developer team is expanding.  I, as the grizzled old veteran, have been asked how all the objects in the Revit API relate to each other.  A Revit object model if you will.

I have Googled and searched the forums, coming up with the fuzzy 2010 object diagram and a forum post in 2013 asking if developers would make another.

I read further and found a method to generate a class diagram with visual studio.  It still works.  However, this is not exactly what I need.

A few months ago I was surprised to find out that a WallSweep owns Walls, instead of a Wall owning WallSweeps. Jeremy Tammik's RevitLookUp tool (  is pretty good for examining the relationships of various Revit objects on an individual object basis.

I am looking for that kind of relationship diagram, but for the whole model.  Or perhaps documentation describing the relationships between objects.

I would like to ask if the Revit developers could create a relational diagram for 2020 Revit and add it to their training material.


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