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Problem with "room" function

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Problem with "room" function








When i try use "room" function to place room, i cant place it to only 1 room, it places to all whole floor. And boundaries higlighting says, that he "see" the wall boundaries. I tried to place room to different offset and upper limits, but thats didnt work. Any problem solution?

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Upload the file but 

Check walls in the properties panel choose room bounding to be checked on that's the prb for all walls 

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Hi, I uploaded my project to my first post. Checked all the walls and all walls has room bounding option to "yes". If you have any ideas, I will be grateful hear that.

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I got your prb it will be tedious work I checked your plan is full of overlapped walls and columns causing the room not working well the work around is to clean up and use room sperator line

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Maybe you can send examples of overlapped walls and columns? Bcs i didnt found it.

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Check door tag 45 first floor lemenis in the pic below

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Thanks for help, but i cant see anything overlapping in my project. I just tried to use allign fuction to be 100% sure to my walls are connected to columns and have same problem with rooms. If you can, please send photo with actual overlapping problem.



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See this video 

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Ohh, ok. Thank you. Try to fix that, and try again.

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