Revit 2024 - Using "My Insights" home page

Your Usage Details.jpg

In Revit 2024, when you start up the application, there is a "My Insights" link you can select to show you this home page.  The data shown is displayed as tiles of useful information, including: 


- Your Usage Details

- Have You Tried

- Feature Recommendations


In the "Your Usage Details" tile, you will see a pie chart of how you use commands broken into different categories such as Model Modification, UI/General, General Modeling, View Creation, View Properties, and Other.  This gives you a quick snapshot of your strong and weak areas.  It will help you and your BIM Manager to tailor training to improve your skills and the Revit team.


Your Usage Details.jpg


In the "Have You Tried" tile, you will see suggestions on how to improve something you already know.  For example, you may know how to create basic schedules, but perhaps you don't know how to create a Key Schedule.


Have You Tried.jpg


In the "Feature Recommendations" tile, you will see some new features within the current version of the software that you may not know about.  It's a great way to understand Revit deeper and gives you a chance to look harder into areas of the interface you may take for granted.


Feature Recommendations.jpg


Hopefully, I've inspired you to try the "My Insights" feature soon. Let me know what you think or if you have any questions in the comments.  


Bonus:  The "My Insights" is also within AutoCAD 2024, too.