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Edit Surface - Triangles ON

Edit Surface - Triangles ON



It's tiresome having to turn on and off Triangles when we want to Edit the surface.




When initiating an Edit Surface command, have the Triangles become visible to the User... Then have the Triangles become invisible when exiting the command. 




I presume you're talking about "Add Line" "Delete Line" and "Swap Edge" commands.

For the "Add Point" "Delete Point" "Modify Point" & "Move Point" commands we need the points to automatically turn on for the duration of the command.


We want TIN lines on for all the commands under Edit Surface.


Stop being so pedantic...It's a real momentum killer...







Well that was rather rude. I just agreed with your Idea and added to it to round it out.


Please click on that button in your screen shot and review "all the commands".

Tell me why you would want TIN lines on for the "Delete Point" command. I can see it might be nice, but not necessary.


More important, tell me why you wouldn't want Surface Points displayed for the "Delete Point" command. If you try to run the command without the Points displayed it tells you to go turn them on first and then come back and start the command. Why not have them turn on automatically?




Your doing it again....


Of course you need Points on if you are invoking those commands...goes with out saying...obvious..


You also want the TIN lines on to observe the effects of those Point edits.


Now stop...Smiley Happy






Wow, so are you...


"Goes with out saying"... hmmm tell that to the software developers. I think the more said the better. Sorry for your momentum. Smiley LOL


Just curious troma...Are you chick or dude?


Dial it back, both of you.  This is a professional forum, not a bar.


The software uses styles for display.  Currently we have to switch to an appropriate style, make the edits, and then switch back.  If we had an option in the Command Settings to specify a style to be used while a specific surface editing command is running then each user could choose a default display to suit their own preference.


Extending on this idea - it would be nice to have alignments and profiles that could automatically switch to a more appropriate style when editing those objects also.


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I'm with you on this one Fred. It's cumbersome to be turning triangles, borders & points on/off during edits. I would prefer a right click function - Show Surface - Trangles, points, border, contours.


I find the fastest way at this point is changing the style with quick props but I would prefer to have quick access to turn objects on/off.


Right-click sounds like another level of pointless clicking.

I prefer Fred's idea: when you start the command the TIN and/or points should become visible automatically for the duration of the command.


"Right-click sounds like another level of pointless clicking.

I prefer Fred's idea: when you start the command the TIN and/or points should become visible automatically for the duration of the command."


Many times I need triangles turned on without needing any of the edit surface commands. IMO right click is much faster than targeting any ribbon, toolbar or menu. The menu is right at the cursor all the time. No eye-hand targeting required. Yes I also think the edit surface command should do this automatically.

If you want to try out the right click option its in the SincPac to temporarily turn them on or off and I've found it really useful and not that big of a bother.


Although I agree with the original idea that they should turn on by default for the appropriate edit (triangles or points). I might just program this up since it wouldn't be too hard to do. I'm guessing this would take 4 to 8 hours to program. I guess the difficult thing would be what to do if the triangle layer was off and how to choose which layer to use instead. Maybe add it to my million dollar Civil 3D app to add more value.


Another idea to solve the need to turn triangles, points or other surface display components on / off would be dedicated commands similar to layer manager. 

Etc: Turn triangles on / off > select surface to pick style (with settings options of view direction)


As a workaround i turn my triangles on / off with keyboard shortcut macros (the layer is set in surface style):



Status changed to: Accepted


Status changed to: Under Review

Tracking this one as CIVIL-38423.

Hoping to revive this idea in the near future.

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