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Import/Export Corridor Parameters

Import/Export Corridor Parameters

I would like to ability to import and export Corridor Parameters. When dealing with large corridors, I find myself having to make bulk changes to the start station of a region, end station of a region and assembly name. Currently, you find the region you want to chance, make a change and the focus in the dialog jumps and you lose your place. It would be so much easier to be able to import and export the values.

I would like to be able to export corridor parameters into an excel or text format. I would use it when passing on a project with a complicated corridor. I'd like to export all the parameters to a document that is easy to open and read (drawings can take a long time to open, corridors require too many clicks to see all the information) and then add notes. I hate leaving somebody wondering "What was she thinking?" I could answer all their questions if I just had a convenient format to do it in. Right now I just have notes all over my corridor drawings. And then I change something in the corridor and forget to change the relevant note... and that's not very helpful.

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At the top line of the list of paramaters (baseline) right click and  "copy to clipboard" then paste into excel

it will copy the entire list of paramaters

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