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Use object parameter values in tags beyond Labels

Use object parameter values in tags beyond Labels

At the moment a tag can only use values from an object in a Label.

We want to be able to use the object's parameters to change the tag parametrically.

A specific examples are:

-to change the family type of a nested Generic Annotation symbol, as these don't work within a model family.

- traffic lights or other colour changes dependant values.

- Boxes or borders that change size according to text content.

So we could change the visual look of a tag based on any object values.

Same as @cprettyman previously.




It would be great to use the family information to change a tag, especially for specific views used to QA a model or to help an owner understand.  I'd love to be able to change color/shape dynamically based on the info.  It would also be helpful to show the correct info (such as door hardware lists) based on the hardware group defined.  Right now to achieve the look it has to be done manually, and coordinated manually or with Dynamo.


Text size is always a problem to deal with.  If a "header" is needed that is formatted differently it has to be a separate label, but there is no way to chain labels together so they can force following ones to adjust when text wraps.


This would be really usefull in a lot of families and areas/disciplines and any workaround today is very time consuming and prone to human error. The information is all there, why can't we use it!?

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