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☑ Undo/Redo Affect Screen Area And Zoom

☑ Undo/Redo Affect Screen Area And Zoom

I prefer my screen remains exactly where I put it while I'm shuffling through my Undo history so that I get visual confirmation that the correct event is being reversed. I want to place my screen/zoom where I think I'll see the changes the best, then Undo and Redo to my heart's content without the scene ever moving. Right now it's like a hunter watching for subtle changes in the environment but every time he tries to focus on a bit of motion in the underbrush his eyes fly wildly onto a target not of his choosing.


Please add this checkbox to Options > User Interface:      ☑ Undo/Redo Affect Screen Area And Zoom


Undo/Redo function are fine in Revit, I do not like the AutoCAD behavior.


You should try the rewind tool in the steering wheel (Shift-W)



Both AutoCAD and Revit shift the viewport around during a series of undos. Your personal preference for this behavior does not require Autodesk to accommodate only you. They can easily provide a new setting so that we can both be satisfied and productive.

The Rewind Tool doesn't affect this behavior, so it is irrelevant in this discussion.

Yes but the best part is that if you undo a command and pan in the viewport, you loose your command history !
Do you really think they'll change it one day?

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