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Undo after deleting sheet

Undo after deleting sheet

This has got to be the oldest bug never fixed. On workshared projects, if you delete a sheet the undo history is also deleted. You have to borrow the workset of a sheet before deleting it to preserve undo history. No one in a hurry ever remembers to borrow the workset. Please fix.

Equally helpful would be an "Are you sure you want to delete this sheet" confirmation dialog before deleting a sheet.


To reproduce this bug:

1) Arrange project browser and properties windows so they are both visible. 

2) Create a new sheet. Click on it in the Project Browser so it is highlighted in blue

3) Click in the Properties ->"Sheet Number" box as if to edit the sheet number.

4) Move the mouse out of the way so you can see clearly.  [Move the mouse pointer back into the project browser window]

5) Type Delete key intending to erase the current sheet number, but instead the entire sheet is deleted, without recovery.


This is much too easy, and happens often - deleting sheets needs a confirmation dialog.


I agree! We need a confirmation "Are you sure you want to delete this sheet?" because without the undo button, we end up having to recreate sheets that were deleted by accident.  Why isn't there an undo option for this action anyway?


Has revit fixed this **** retarded event that was coded to piss us off.  How much does this crap cost again?


Amazing how easy it is to delete sheets and details on software that is complex and convoluted.  


Autodesk, please it make more difficult to delete a sheet.  A confirmation box would be nice or my preference would be option to lock the sheet to prevent others from deleting it.


Autodesk this is unacceptable!  Please address this issue it has been years.


Yes, unacceptable!


In my opinion it would be the best practice to allow importing a sheet from a saved out model/archive. Only upside is its relatively easy to recreate a sheet since the views aren't deleted.


Deleting a sheet permanently deletes all text notes, undo history, keynotes (if on the sheet),  revision clouds (if on the sheet), and linework. The worst is that a person might not even know they deleted a sheet until much later. (see my earlier post for a description of how easy it is to accidentally delete a sheet).

Please add a "Are you sure?" popup before deleting a sheet, to allow the user to cancel. There are many trivial items that have a popup, deleting a sheet should have a popup.  Revit already allows a sheet to be restored from an archive, if you have one.  

Community Visitor


Community Visitor

needs to be fixed asap


I've just deleted a sheet accidentally, I went to Undo and it was unavailable....this is crazy. 

Thanks Autodesk,  


Hi, I amazed that Autodesk has not yet implemented a more robust system to prevent view/sheet deletion. For example, when a view/sheet is deleted from the project browser there is NO warning pop-up, however if you delete a section/elevation marker in a view, then you will get a warning pop-up.


My work-around and by far the best way to prevent view/sheet deletion is by creating a revision which I name view protect - internal use and change the numbering to none so it does not effect revision sequences.


I then place a revision cloud on the view or sheet I want to protect from deletion and then tick the revision as issued and set revision cloud show to none so you don't see the revision cloud. Now when you try to delete the view/sheet from the properties window you will now get a warning saying "The Revision of this Revision Cloud has been issued. Deletion of this Revision Cloud is prohibited."


NOTE: applying a revision to a sheet by selecting the Revisions on sheets from the properties window will not protect the sheet from deletion even if the revision is ticked as issued. There has to be a revision cloud placed on the sheet to prevent deletion. This can be copied to multiple sheets by copying the revision cloud and pasting to multiple sheets at once by using the paste to selected views option.


Keep in mind though that this revision name will show on the revision table on the sheets, so you can just leave the date and revision name blank so nothing appears in the revision table.


Sheet Issues_Revisions - View Protect.jpg


View Deletion warning.jpg


Sure ! this is not understandable. loosing ALL UNDOs (and sheet+references) without a single popup ?!

I just encounter it on a R2019 project in as-built stage. I wanted to replace few orphaned ref callouts on the as-built drawings and by mistake delete the detail sheet instead of the old callout. I was in the middle of a as-built drawing set production. the detail sheet contained 20 details, framed, numbered, and neatly laid out.... and referenced on 1000's of sheets (the project contains ~5000 sheets).... This sheet would be impossible to reproduce... So I'll have to revert back to a 24h backup version from BIM360.


Needs to be fixed asap !

Status changed to: Implemented

We are pleased to say that this has been implemented in Revit 2024! Thank you for your contribution to improving Revit!

 -The Factory

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