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Tag Leaders

Tag Leaders

I have a wishlist about managing the leader of the tags:

I would like to have the option to manage the position of the Tags' leader.

Instead to placed the leaders in the center of the elements (pipes, ducts, conduits, etc), I would like to have the option (when I am creating of modifying the tag) to placed the leader on the edge of the elements. 



Currently, tags create leaders snap points based on points within an object (which are not adjustable). I believe a type of "reference line" should be added where you can choose the type to be "Defines Tag Reference" (or something along those lines). This way you can draw lines based on where you want that leader to snap to (without using free-end), making tagging a much more user-friendly experience.




For our current project, we have a Camera family that shows the field of view of what the camera sees. We then have a circle within the family that shows up around the camera (so that we can tag a detail number to it like 8/501 (detail 8 on page 501). The camera can then be tagged to reference a detail number, and we then use "free-end" to attach our leader as the attached end option snaps to points all over the camera (where as we just want it to snap to the circle). If there was an option to set a reference line around my circle and set it as "Defines Tag Reference" (instead of options like defines origin, etc), then the leader would look for reference lines that are "Defines Tag Reference" and snap to those points.


Would be a very handy tool to get tags to snap where we want on ob


This should work in both the object being tagged, and the tag itself - 


But I think that your post includes two ideas (both of which I like).  One is to control where the leader line connects, and the other is to tag a family to a detail view. 


This would be a much appreciated. Annotation can look very funny when the leaderline points half a meter from the object...


Do you mean you want to move the head of the leader to the edge of the hosting element? If so you can change this option.

Free Leader.PNG



Yes, it is exactly what I meant.

But, what I would like is to have that option by default,  once I have created the tag.

I do not want to waste time changing manually the position of the leader at the edge of the hosting element.

You can also use the Pertfect tools.


Comming new version for all family instance tag tunner.



Thank you so much pfiala. I will try the Perfect Tools


I wish there were a setting to change the attached duct leader to tag the outside duct wall instead of the centerline of the duct.  I know you can use free end to achieve this but this seems like something that would be so easy for Autodesk to make possible.





Hi Kimberly, requesting a merge of the following thread into this thread:


(I'm also sending you a request today for a different set of tag leader threads, note that the other set is a completely different idea.  These two threads are about the end of a leader.)


Thank you!

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