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Tabbed views - Tabs - Tab bar for open Views

Tabbed views - Tabs - Tab bar for open Views

Navigating open views in Revit is a bit cumbersome. You can tile your views, use the Project Browser or use the 'Switch Windows' button, but nah... I mostly use CTRL-Tab to find the open view I need. So what I would like is a tab bar, showing a tab for each open view. Just like the newer version of AutoCAD can display a tab for each open drawing.


As an alternative, when clicking 'Switch Windows' there's an option 'More Open Views'. Unfortunately, that window closes if you click a view. Make that window sticky. I.e. let me dock it somewhere on my second display.

It's too easy to get lost when we have multiple views open at once (which is a key function of Revit). We should be able to more intelligently place views on our screen(s) so that we don't have to go hunting for the view we want. Perhaps we could pin a view so that it never gets covered When we open a new view or file.

Views should organize by what file they're related to.

Also, Revit should prefer open views when a specific type of view is necessary to perform an operation (editing a floor footprint for example).

Thanks for taking input!
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Along with this, the "switch windows" pull-down should be a scroll-able list, rather than stopping after a handful of views, and then having to click through to a new dialog with the full list (as currently implemented).


If Switch Windows could be torn-off (and showed ALL opened views) to be always visible, and you could control how views were organized - such as grouped by file in a hierarchy, or dragging to different positions the way you can with AutoCAD's tabs, that would be great!


If each view name had a close box next to it, so you could close unneeded views without going to them individually (and waiting for them to draw), that would be good too (sim to IE tabs or the Windows taskbar pullout; so you don't have to close all windows & re-open the ones you still want).


Similar idea:


BTW, be careful using Ctrl-Tab: if the views look similar, you could be modifying the wrong view.


On a similar note.

It would be nice is the OS window frame & title bar could be colored based on the file that the view was opened from.  This would be much faster that reading the window title name to find the project the window view belongs to.


It would also help it the window title was named the same as the drop down list of open windows.


It would also be nice to have the option to hold shift or a key to have a new view of the same project open in the active window.  There should be some way to reduce the number of open windows per project. Or have an open window limit to start re-using windows.


TABS.  Give Revit Tabs.  The user interface of cascade and tile cannot replace the power of knowing how many views are open.  This is such a gross under sight that I am sure there must be a good reason.  That said please consider making tabs a feature for Revit.


Thank you. 

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And a disable thumbnail function sow it's not a second autocad heavy/buggy function.


And - since you want to use all available space in the tab name to show the view name - give them subtle colors to represent the view type (floor plan, section, elevation, schedule, ...)


Lots of people complain already about the lack of easily accessing all the open windows of one or multiple projects.

Yes, we already know about the CTRl-TAB feature and the Close-Hidden-Window-Button.


I suggest a Window Browser quite simply; Please see the attached image of how it could look like.

Revit Idea.jpg


A context menu could offer options like these

  • Close all but this (equals Close Hidden Windows)
  • Close (selected windows)
  • Select views of choice and view them in cascade/tile


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Add Tabbed views like in AutoCAD or any possible Internet browser...

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After learning and using ArchiCAD for the last few years I am now jumping into Revit training and it is interesting to note the features that each of these feature-dense programs have and/or lack by comparison. I was just watching a tutorial and noticed that Revit does not have tabbed views (which brought me to this forum via google). ArchiCAD has had tabbed views for two versions now. Features that I like in Revit that are missing in ArchiCAD are the options menu, which seams very handy, and the gizmo/gumball for mass editing. I'm sure I'll find many others...


This would be really helpful 🙂


@rwarchpc, @Pantaleon02, et al. Please consider joining the Beta group ( as another way of contributing input on new feature requests (and helping to shape how they're implemented). There's a web-hosted version which makes it easy to test features without doing a full (local) install, so the time requirements are reduced. 🙂


@lionel.kai Hey there, that is really interesting  🙂 Can you tell me how I can join the Beta group or what is the web-hosted version is? I would love to help 🙂


@Pantaleon02 Go to and sign in using your Autodesk ID. I think there's some kind of form you fill out to say which software you want to test, and an NDA to sign. Once you're in the Revit beta group, there's a link to a monthly build of Revit (that runs in a "Frame"/VM in your browser). If you have trouble getting in, you can try the email in my previous post (it's been a while since I've signed up).

A TAB bar would be really fantastic. People love tabbar in Excel and Autocad. Really small and neat. People wonder why Revit hogs up quite often. It's because of hidden windows people forget to close: out of sight, out of mind. It's that simple. RIght-click on tab and duplicate it would be like magic.


It will be nice if there is a Ribbon for views , so we are able to switch view without minimize current one. Ribbon for views.PNG


Something like this would be really helpful...Tabs, Just like Autocad Smiley Happy





Status changed to: Implemented

Hi Everyone,


In the Revit 2019 release, we have implemented tabbed views!  These tabbed views also support improved docking within the Revit window, but also the ability to move a view outside of the Revit frame and onto any other screen.  Based on these changes, we are marking this idea as implemented.  If you have other thoughts or suggestions for improvements in this area, please feel free to comment, vote on another idea, or submit a new idea.  We want to hear your ideas and suggestions.  



The Factory


Hi Harlan,

Thanks for implementing this new feature, it is useful to see at a glance the currently open tabs, but it seems to have come at the expense of a very simple but time saving feature. Which is the ability to use 'Ctrl + Tab' & 'Ctrl + Shift + Tab' to go back and forth between the last opened view. By this I mean the basic functionality of this feature has changed with the new visible tabs implementation. Instead of tabbing between, say, my floor plan I just had open and a section I opened from the floor plan, it Tabs in a Linear fashion through all the currently views in the Tab. Often, and expect most users do this, I will open a view intending on quickly Tabbing back and forth between these open views to compare them. These shortcuts are now tedious to use because it requires awareness of where your view is amongst the Tabs of open views, meaning we tab multiple times to get back the view we literally just had open. Or it requires us to close all inactive views, to then be able to tab back and forth without cycling through other views.


I understand your reasoning for changing the way this tabbing operates, as it would be confusing if someone were to tab using the 'Tab + Shift' shortcut and see the selected view tabs jump all over the place. 


But for me, and I expect others, this has reduced my productivity and has been a source of constant frustration ever since the implementation of the Revit 2019. I would much rather the ability to quickly Tab back to my previous open view (in order of last viewed) than have all the open views visible as tabs.


The only solution I can see to allow both the exist, is to have the tabs organised based on the order of previously viewed. Meaning every time a view is opened, whether it already be in the open view tabs or not, it is moved to the front of the list.


Please consider fixing the functionality of the 'Shift + Tab' shortcuts, as this is a backwards step in productivity of the software.


Kind Regards,



Tabs allowed in the dockable window outside of the Revit frame please.

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