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synchronize View

synchronize View

Hello Autodesk Revit Team


Please Add a Tool for synchronizing Duplicate view for better control of the views. 

that's like  BlueBeam




Please add capability/toggle option for the pan and zoom of open plans and 3D views to be synched with each other.

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A lot of times I switch between floors to compare shafts. But when I switch views I'll have to find the exact shaft that i was looking for which can become time consuming, especially when lagging. Also i need to be able to switch back and forth to become aware of minor differences, which can only be detected, if both views are showing the exact same spot. It would be really useful to be able to link multiple views, so that when I switch to another view, I'll in the exact same spot as I was before, based on the coordinates.


use pyRevit's "sync views" in the meantime


Hi, @Anonymous 


Here are two similar Ideas. If you like, I can combine them with yours.

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Thank you for your contribution!


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