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Structural Rebar - revert the recent tag change

Structural Rebar - revert the recent tag change

Recent updates to Revit 2023 changes how tags work. This way, rebar tags will tag a single rebar, not the full rebar set. This is a serious downgrade that i want reverted back. 

The main drawback of this change is that when you select the host of a rebar tag, you cannot hide, isolate, move, copy or otherwise modify the rebar. You're now reliant on third-party (or homebewed) addins in order to do simple tasks such as "hide all tagged rebars to see if you've tagged it all". 

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Hi Andreas,


In Revit 2023 we changed the behavior of tags pointing to rebar, because in that same version we introduced the multi-leader tags for rebar, which allows the selection all the bars that should be tagged at once. We would like to better understand your workflow and if the multi-leader tag or the multi-rebar annotation would be acceptable options for you.


In Revit 2024, we changed the behavior of the “Select Host” command, which now selects the entire set, not just the bar that’s actually tagged. Please let me know if this would be of help.




Kind regards,



Dan Peticila, M.Sc. Str. Eng.
Product Manager | Autodesk Revit

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