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Steel connections - invert bolts

Steel connections - invert bolts


We need the option to invert the bolts in all of the steel connections.

Some connections do have that option, but in this case the Splice Joint in R2023 does not have that option.



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AS 2010, I'm unable to invert the bolts in the single-sided end plate connection,

As I'm using CSK bolts, the main PFC needs to have CSK holes, not the connection plate.

Ticked the Inverted box (BOLTS) section in connection properties but nothing happens to generator ..


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Hi Robert,


This option is already available in Revit. 

For connection-controlled bolts that can't be inverted from inside the connection parameter editor window, you can apply a manual invert per bolt pattern by accessing the bolt properties page. 

To do this, you need to:

- click to select the connection

- press Tab key with your mouse over the bolt

- click the bolt

This individually selects the objects created by connections (bolts, plates, anchors etc.)

After selected, some of the bolt properties are available to edit. In this case of the Splice connection, the invert is available because it is not part of the parameters offered by the connection dialog.




Hi Dumitru,


Thank you for the post, I can work with that solution, it hadn't crossed my mind.


However it doesn't satisfy my suggestion fully; I wish to have that option in the steel connection. I have about 30 splice joints connections at different locations and I want to be able to invert the bolts in a single connection type, not by i.e.

- select all instances of the splice joint

- 3d box

- filter and choose bolts

- press invert


I think these steps can be reduced to a single click in the splice joint type.


Thanks for your post again!

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