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Shared Parameters should be (visually represented) in Family Properties

Shared Parameters should be (visually represented) in Family Properties

Lets show which parameters are shared in the family property dialogue box by use of parenthesis, as per the example in line 3.

This would  help when trying to search for which parameters are shared or not. 



Shared Paramater Visible.jpg



If this was togglable I'd be for it. I don't want it as a built-in standard because our parameters are named in such a way that this would be redundant. It would be nice to be able to toggle it on when examining manufacturers content in projects or the family editor.


I like this idea. I think it could probably be more subtle than the actual text added, due to firms already doing this as @crapai said. But It'd be nice for everyone because it'd be very obvious, so even in instances like crapai's, it could show parameters which are shared and not created correctly, or someone thinks they made a parameter correctly with the name, but didn't actually make it shared.


So I don't know if its a highlight, or asterisk, or a new column added, but something would be nice.

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