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Schedule wall layers for wall type schedules

Schedule wall layers for wall type schedules

Wall type schedules generally comprise the make-up of a Plasterboard lining/stud framing/cavity/brick.

We would like to access the functional layers for scheduling please.

We need to be able to schedule:
Layer function
Layer material
Layer thickness

Also, to schedule if that layer is internal, core, or external.

For material layer we need access to all material parameters (ie. Mark, comments, description).

Currently we have to input this info as text parameters which requires thorough manual checking against the wall type parameters.
Lets get BIM into our schedules & save everyone the headache.

In fact, this would be useful for all system families; walls, floors, ceilings, roofs...
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Could you schedule your walls using the "parts" Category after changing your walls into parts? This video explains what I'm talking about. Maybe this will help provide you with what you require.

The following to be included as default Wall properties that can be reflected in schedules


  • dB Rating - When noise control information required.
  • Width Core - A Wall gives the total thickness of all layers external and internal of the core. i.e. E 5mm Plaster (Core) 105mm Brick + 105 Cavity + 105mm Brick(Core) 5mm Plaster I= 325mm, The Width Core would only add values of layers within the core so as per example this total would be 315mm
  • Sub-Layers - A Stud Wall maybe 70mm wide, but only have 25mm Insulation. Right now you have to specify the following as separate layers i.e 22.5 Air + 25mm Insulation + 22.5 Air = 70mm. This can and will affect material take offs
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Improve wall take offs especially when a volume of floor as been cut out from the wall

Below typical sections of a wall with cut-out volume of floor

Wall 1 - 105 wall on 220 wall

Wall 2 - 220 wall (floor cut out)

Wall 3 - 220 wall with 5 Plaster (floor cut out)

Brick take off 4.JPGBrick take off 5.JPGBrick take off 6.JPG

Below is a wall take off of the above sections

Wall 1: scheduled correctly

Wall 2 & 3 : Floor volume cut out. It should the indicate a portion of the wall (cut) with heights to to be tabulated in the top and bottom offsets and also indicate the correct width for these portions. (see wall 1)


Brick take off 7.JPG

Regarding widths

Currently the width indicates the total wall width. There should be a default in built parameter Material: Width, which relates to the width in the layer build-up window (currently unavailable, see screen shot Revit 2022 below)

In addition there should be a parameter indicating if a layer is in the core or not in core. Going a bit further if not in core that it is either exterior or interior side.

Brick take off 2.JPGBrick take off 8.JPG



I came across this as I was trying to find a way to do quick area takeoffs for design meetings.  I was able to get what I needed using the Material Takeoff schedule type.

This solution does not address the desire to schedule the layers functions, thickness, location, etc.


@wr.marshall , Thank you!



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