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Schedule Sorting/Grouping Font Format

Schedule Sorting/Grouping Font Format


So, it would be wonderful if you could also format the font for the headers and footers associated to the header and footer selection boxes in the Sorting/Grouping tab of schedules (see the sorting tab attached image, yellow highlights).  Currently in the Appearance tab you can alter the header font of the column headers, but that is the header for the entire column.  We use the Sorting/Grouping header tool to show discipline headings with separation that breaks the column down even further (like a sub-heading) on our enumeration of drawings.  Currently, this text can only be the same as the Body text because it seems that Revit sees this as part of the Body of the schedule text. 

This would be a wonderful addition to the Revit arsenal in schedule editing.  See the attached images for added reference to what I am talking about.  The final product image is seemingly the furthest I can take this.  The sub-headings (disciplines) should be perhaps bold and underlined, or slightly larger.  I can accomplish this by creating separate schedules filtered to show the disciplines individually as I need them by using the schedule Title cell, but I'd rather have this be one schedule.


This would be extremely helpful!

Right now, the only solution I found to this is in post #5 of this thread:


Was this feature ever added? I am currently trying to do just this and cannot. All I want to do is make the sort by parameter heading bold and not everything else!


Great idea.

It would be awesome if we could highlight totals in bold for instance.

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