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Revit MEP - Pipe Rise/Drop Symbols

Revit MEP - Pipe Rise/Drop Symbols

More customisation options for pipe rise/drop symbols would be very useful. For example, there is a well defined industry standard which is to show pipes dropping to the level below with a filled dot and pipes rising to the level above as an outline dot (with everything else as an outline dot), but this actually isn't possible with the options available.




When users have a Floor plan view with equipment on a level above. The symbol that Revit can automatically place for Duct & Pipe Rise/Drop is very useful for documentation. This shows immediately & automatically that the duct/pipe is traveling beyond the scope of the Floor Plan.


However when there is a Plan Region over a Floor Plan, Revit negates the ability to add Rise/Drop symbology. on many plans, particularly areas with different Level Above/Roof heights a Plan Region is needed but so are the Rise/Drop symbols.


Autodesk, can we have our Rise/Drop symbols in all views? 


The other part of this Idea/Request;


 It appears that in Revit builds as late as 2018, that if you print in color you lose the function of Rise/Drop symbols printing over your system color.


This would be helpful for documentation to keep users from having to place notes, and allowing Revit to be beneficial for adding in the annotations as it is assigned. system color scheme duct rise & drop.pngThis keeps us from maintaining annotative & graphical consistency between Color and B&W printing. The annotations should behave similarly between the two options.


Autodesk, We need this for printing in color!

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Just like objects styles can be set for all views and then overridden per view or via templates.... the Pipe Rise / Drop Annotation Size needs to be able to be set per view and the default is set in Mechanical Settings. One Annotation size does not work for multiple scales.


exactly. In Germany and other european contries we use Symbols with arrow heads showing if its a drop or a rise or both, often depending on the direction of the medium in the pipes. The Colors of the arrow heads are the System Colors. The Tail of the arrows also indicate wether the pipe drop/rise starts in the viewed Floor or in the Floor above/underneath.

Basicly the wish is an Annotation Symbol at the Point where the view upper limit cuts the pipe and where the view lower Limit cuts the pipe. The Annotation Symbol should be MEP-System dependent and medium direction dependent.

Here an exampel:rise drop to another level symbolic.jpg


My understanding is that Revit only allows one symbol for a duct system - and it doesn't matter if it is a Rise or Drop - it is what it is. And, the symbols that you can choose form are limited. The ones provided only partially match our office standards. Our team spends hours placing, moving, and aligning, these symbols on drawings. Hassleville.. 


Maybe the options should be inside here: 


 Or even better would be if you could add a Rise/Drop Symbol for each Pipetype which changes colors depending on the Pipe System Colors or are controllable in a filter. Then you should create the symbol like in an annotation family or detail family and make the size of some lines and circles dependent on the pipe size. so the larger the pipe, the larger some of the symbol parts.


@kimberly.fuhrman should this idea be merged with this Idea: Revit MEP - Pipe Rise/Drop Symbols


@kimberly.fuhrman please merge with: Revit MEP - Pipe Rise/Drop Symbols

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