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Revit 2023 Maintains Systems of Demolished Elements - Make it optional!

Revit 2023 Maintains Systems of Demolished Elements - Make it optional!

A new feature added in Revit 2023 was for demolished elements to maintain the connection to whatever system they were created on. This is helpful in some applications, especially in multi-phase projects where that connectivity is needed. However, for a lot of projects, it can be very burdensome. Because the demolished pipe/duct is still connected, a new pipe/duct cannot be added until the demolished one has been split and removed from the system.


When selecting an element to be demolished there could be an option to either remove it from the system or not. This would alleviate any issues for both the people who need the connection and for those of us who do not.

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In Revit 2023, ducts and pipes stay connected in the demo phase, which makes it easier to adjust drafting issues. However, because ducts and pipes stay assigned to systems, any new duct and piping drawn in the same phase will connect to the demolished objects.


It is more critical to our work (can't speak for everyone) that demo and new not interfere and that we can document how new systems tie into existing systems. Reverting to the old R22 behavior would be a better implementation. If some people need the new changes, it would be helpful to be able to toggle the behavior somewhere in the settings or our project templates.

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