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Revision Cloud Family Type Editing

Revision Cloud Family Type Editing

The ability to have multiple revision cloud family types so that we can assign different colored clouds to the different cloud families. We are using multiple colored cloud schemes to track scope changes that are all part of the same revision. It would be nice if this was integrated and not an "override element" method.


This is one of those annoying things that have upset Revit users for years. Take a page from Adobe and "Just Do It!" Votes count! Please add yours as Autodesk does not always think for itself.

Providing the ability to edit a Revision Cloud System family would allow almost all complaints about Revit's revision clouds to be resolved including the following:

  1. Uniform arcs
  2. Difference sized arcs for different situation, e.g, large arcs for revision to entire details or large areas and small arcs for text revisions.
  3. Different colors for various purposes, e.g., different revision sequence number, different person making revision, or status of the revision.
  4. Different lineweights for large, medium and small areas, and to allow prior revision clouds to have lighter weights for those that show prior revisions.
  5. Tag on placement option.
  6. Show/Hide leader line default.

Add your ideas to comments. Let's get this done.


Agreed.  My biggest whine is #3/#4 above, as I want to gray out past revisions so that CURRENT revisions are bold in comparison as done in AutoCad for 20+ years.  The only way to do this now is individual BY ELEMENT editing.   Um, really?  


@paramountcdc some of those ideas are really good - you should post separately and link here so we can vote


related ideas:


As @ewb0003 , has suggested. Just posting this to here to refresh the this should be an option, added to Revit.

Ability to have Revision Cloud Types.

Under the Revision Cloud Type

  1. Arc Style[dropdown]:
    Un-uniform Cloud = (Current setup, small arc Large arc along a line)
    Uniform arc = fixed arc dia..
  2. Arc Diameter [number] (Currently under Revision schedule)
  3. Revision Cloud visual style: Colour, linetype, lineweight
  4. Invert cloud [Toggle]: Normal cloud as Arc style, inverted cloud as Arc style.
  5. Issue Sequence [Toggle]: Don’t show on Issue sequence / Add to issue sequence as normal.

Under Revision Cloud Instance

  1. Override option for instance.
  2. Allow Custom/Shared Parameters to be added.
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The ability to have options on the arch length would be next level useful! Yes please.

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