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order of the Project Phases

order of the Project Phases

Manage to order (move up / down) a Project Phase.

It's faster to move a Project Phase instead of select the elements and change the Project Phase.

Thank you


To be able to change the order of the phases, so that if there is a phase that comes before another you can move the phase and all objects connected to that phase, for example move phase 7 to phase 3 without having to change the phase name and move all the objects to the new phase number.


For multi-tenant buildings, one tenant finish project might be delayed or another accelerated. It would be beneficial to be able to reorder the Phasing list. For example, in the image below it is not currently possible in the Phasing dialog to move "Tenant XYZ" before "Tenant ABC".


Yes, it might be "possible" to workaround this by inserting a new phase and then attempting to change the creation phase of all the affected objects. And change the phase of all the affected views (don't forget your schedules). Also, you have to cut and paste the affected rooms because you can't change the phase of rooms... A workaround is not the same as a solution.

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