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Option to set a default Dynamo version

Option to set a default Dynamo version

With dynamo 1.x and 2.x both in use, we would rather have the choice which version we want to use by default rather than having to choose which version we want to use each new revit session.


At the dynamo forum I suggested a new revit.ini block:


But I'm up for any improvement on this matter! 

This would trigger the default version to 2.x rather than a 1.x version.


As discussed on the dynamo forums another possible solution is to give us the same prompt to select dynamo version for the session when opening the dynamo player as well as regular dynamo. Whichever comes first. Most users only use the player to run tools developed by others and don't actually use main dynamo to do anything. (at least where I work)

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From another forum 

I had the same problem. Simply go to C: -> Program files -> Dynamo

Then delete everything you see that has the version you do not want the player to open. I deleted the default version from both the Dynamo core file and the Dynamo Revit file.




Right but every time Revit would have an update, it would reinstall the deleted versions.

Honestly thought this is now much less of an issue considering that Revit 2020 now only ships with Dynamo 2.1. There is no longer 2 versions to select from.

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