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Microsoft Office Integration

Microsoft Office Integration

I would like to have the ability to link/embed Microsoft Office content (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, etc.) within Revit under the Insert Tab of the Ribbon, MS Office Panel.


Yes, but don't restrict this to MS formats. Just as valuable would be links to .rtf, .csv, .tab files and the like (maybe even .pdf!).


The current workflow in the office with regards to general note creation, is to type the whole **** thing on word and export the document to image. Typing manually the general notes is time consuming and the results to awful looking document. 

So i'm thinking, why not link a word document to Revit, which captures the text composition (columns, spacing etc.) In that way, the spelling correction and editing text is easier because the text will be edited using a text editor not Revit.


Not possible directly, but you can use this: .


Great idea. Seriously. And PLEASE make it work in Revit LT. : )

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Fix Revit so that it's text capabilities don't suck. Text is a vital part of documenting any project. Using Revit's text functionality is like traveling back in time to 1970's or something. Seriously, how is this not an issue for most people? Do people really not care about well laid out and professionally presented text content in their documents? I really don't get it.


Can you not make a general note family. I have a family called general notes that I just load in then edit and load back into project. However it is annoying the lack of support in revit for importing other information like excel or pdf or word. Revit can’t even import cad text without messing it up would expect more for what it costs


If there's a third party app to import microsoft office documents to revit, then it's possible to link the document to revit. 


Tomek I totally agree revit is meant to be an improvement on cad but in terms of compatibility with other software like word or excel it’s years behind I don,t get it!

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As much as I like Revit, it still has a LONG way to go before it’s truly an all inclusive program.


True BIM will not be possible until all supporting programs are capable of true up and down stream communication. 


My spec writer cant do Revit. And nor should he. Why buy another license just to do specs?  If I could LINK a word document it would be truly full BIM to me. 


I use a third party software for excel and it rocks. 



Interesting. What 3rd party software for excel are you using?



Check theses out :


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Thanks for all your feedback. I realize it's not quite what this idea is requesting, but in Revit 2021 we've added the ability to link in PDF files to Revit. Does this work as a possible workaround for the time being? If not, what additional capability are you looking for?


Hi, ran into this as I was looking for the same thing as the thread-starter, and all that has added their thoughts around this.

For me, NO pdf-links does not work.

We have large text-documents in Word (A4-size) that we want to be able to import in Revit (A1-size), the actual text I mean, no the file itself. And the result in Revit should look as it does in Word, with formatting, tabs and so on and should be able to put the text in column since the word-file results in several Revit-sheets. I want to be able to edit the text in Revit when it is needed, or directly in Word if the text is a link. And the possibility to have images imbedded in the texts.

I've tried Axioms add-in, but it doesn't work with the images in the textfiles.


I am in the same situation as @thomasarnoldsson5732.  Word is the final frontier for everything to be in Revit (I use DiRoots' TableGen plugin for Excel schedule imports).  Our engineering specifications are often dozens of pages in Word and typically take 2-4 full sheets (36x24 or 42x30). 


Our specifications are highly formatted with an outline/numbering scheme and indents.  I can copy/paste this from Word into an MText box in AutoCAD and it will maintain the formatting perfectly, even when resizing into AutoFit columns!  If I paste into Revit it looks like garbage and loses most formatting. 


My workaround is to create an AutoCAD file just for my specifications and print a PDF for each Revit sheet, then import the PDFs and place them on sheets in Revit.  At least I can now link the PDF, but that still requires extra steps and time while leaving us more prone to errors.


I've bought Revit, but not started using it as did try (but got frustrated) but also concerned that if I learn to use new software thats got fundamental flaws in it, am I wasting my time and should use another, or just stay with my AutoCAD that I know and trust.

BIM models are going to become mandatory in UK for buildings over 18m after the Grenfell fire incident, but thats on the basis that the information is interchangable.

The law changing in the UK might mean that folk cant use Revit, as its so tied and only forward compatible etc, and user restrictive.




Well the linked PDF is a welcome addition but the PDF is linked as a raster image, which makes the file even larger.  We encounter problem on this one since the file size exceeds the maximum file limit on email when we plot the sheets to PDF.  We don't have this problem with AutoCAD.

What we need is a way for Revit to enhance its text editor capability comparable to AutoCAD or let us linked Word document to Revit so we can edit text using a word processor


The ability to link the following Microsoft Office Programs:

  • Word
  • Excel
  • Visio
  • Powerpoint

If there is a change in the native program it would update when reloaded

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Hi, @wr.marshall ,


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Shall I combine?

Thank you!



@kimberly.fuhrman please combine with Microsoft Office Integration

Link word link looks more generic

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@sasha.crotty well articulated by @karibal .  I second what he commented.



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