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Materials - Paint

Materials - Paint

I would like to create one paint material in my material library and then apply to ANY system family so that they and the paint maintain their properties and I do not need to re-create the paint for each unique item.




If I have a interior wall composed of gyp and another interior wall composed of plywood, both of which are to be painted top to bottom white, I have to make a unique material for each wall so that it tells me what the composition is (gyp or ply) and what the paint is (white). If I have a gyp ceiling, to be painted the same color I once again have to make a unique material that tells me what the composition of the ceiling and what the color are. This bloats the material library and does not accurately reflect how the project is built.


Another current workflow is to use the paint tool for every single system family. This is time consuming though it does better reflect the construction process.


My proposal:


I would like to do one of two options:


1. Allow the finish to be equal to 0'-0" so that I may add a paint material here. It shows but does not add thickness to the wall.


2. Create a new category in the wall options called "paint" were you can add paint with zero thickness. the paint shows but does not add thickness to the wall.


These options allow the user to apply ONE material to multiple walls, ceilings, floors, etc. without adding to the width of the system family and allow the material library to be reduced in size. this also more accurately reflects the built environment. 



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