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Make uniqueId realy Unique

Make uniqueId realy Unique

The so called uniqueId of an element is not unique. If working in multible files, which are based on the same templet, with the same elementypes, and worksets it is very likly to get an id colision (for some projects it was 190 collisions). This results in all kind of problems, especialy in follow up processes. As REVIT is at the start of the chain of processes, it would be good to fix this issue directly in REVIT. Also it is not allways possible to implement a own unique id because often you colaborate with other planers, where you don't have full controll of the model.

Working on multible linked file is not so uncommen when designing larger buildings. 

The main problem is that the unique id is generated encodeing the workset and the integer based elementId. 

How to solve it: instead of generating a uniqueId by combining other element information it would be the easiest way to simply use e.g. GUID.newGUID() (if working with .net). But any other similar technic would be more than welcome. 

Please see this discussions for further details:

@arnostlobel @erikeriksson5686 @Scott_Wilson @mastjaso @jeremytammik @RPTHOMAS108 




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