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Maintain user settings

Maintain user settings

I should not have to check or uncheck these boxes every time I open Revit.


Copy - Constrain

Copy - Multiple

Move - Constrain

Mirror - Copy

ETC. you get the idea


Pretty much every option in the Modify ribbon of the Modify Tab.  Not just at the project level, but at the INI level.  If I uncheck a box, it should stay unchecked until I recheck it and vice versa.


The Mirror command ALWAYS defaults to "Copy."
Even if you have just done a Mirror and unchecked the Copy box, the next Mirror will have it checked again.
Please remember the setting.

I'm OK with it not remembering from Session to Session, but it should at least remember what I just did 3 seconds ago.


Tiny request, but gets pretty annoying:


The "multiple" checkbox resets itself to "OFF" every time a Revit instance is closed.  I'm sure most people would prefer it be "ON" by default, as it's really annoying to be copying something complex and have the command stop after the first copy, just because it was the first time they used the Copy command since opening Revit.

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Rather than having "ON by default", I think the option to set through the Revit.INI file would be useful. I know a lot of users who wouldn't want this to always be multiple. (Me included)


I think a setting in the options where it could be set to default would be handy.  I too am always turning it on, since if I only need it once I'm switching to another command anyways.


I don't particularly care if it's ON or OFF by default. I just want it to remember what I did last time.

Once I check it (or uncheck it), Revit should remember that setting, if not "forever", at least for the rest of the current session.


When mirroring objects, the default is always checked to copy the object. This checkbox should retain its last option like when aligning objects retains it multiple alignment as does the copy command and copying multiple objects.


Try holding down the <Ctrl> key when in the command. It toggles the "Copy" checkbox.


While is does toggle the checkbox, but it should retain its last use, like the other commands. 


I would like Revit's Copy command to behave more like AutoCAD....For example:


Start copy command in AutoCAD, as you select objects one at a time (left click), each object is added to the selection set and then you hit Enter to copy the objects.

In Revit, start the copy you select objects one at a time (left click), each object is NOT added to the previous selection have to hold CTRL down to pick multiple objects.


Yes I know there is a Multiple checkbox option within the Options Toolbar but it's for the copy/move function...not selection process.


Yes you can do a window selection but if you miss something, left clicking the missing object to add to the selection set will remove all previous objects selected....AutoCAD remembers its selection set


Yes I know in Revit there is the Selection Set command.




Have Revit's copy command default to Multiple mode for selection not just copy/move initially


I'm fine with the way Revit Selection behave; at the beginning I was missing the AutoCAD style. But in Revit, I think, one objects selection is in better consonance with the Revit Workflow.


In Revit of change the instance property of one element you must have this element selected, if you are modifiying a wall, then a door and after that a window, you only have to select every one with one click. The other way you must have to press Esc 3 times. This is an extra step, a time consuming step.


For moving and coping objects is better the way you writter, but for that I brought (for example) a mouse with multiple buttons configure one with Shift, another Crtl (and some more buttom, like Alt for navigation, Esc, tab for selection cycle), but coping and moving is not the most of the work you do on Revit.

Crtl for adding to selection is more like windows behave, Revit don't have to be like AutoCAD... The only thing I miss from AutoCAD is command bar and it's not necessary at all.


This is ridiculous.  It's such a simple fix and has been requested by users for years and years.  I, for one, have been wishing for this feature since I started using Revit almost 9 years ago!


I second the this being ridiculous comment above. It's easy peasy lemon squeezy change, screw the red tape and do it!

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this should be a multi copy by default, AutoCAD on away with single / multi copy years ago,



Sorry, but isn't that a Revit query? 


Make the default automatically have the copy multiple box checked, then if you only want to copy one, uncheck the box!!


the point isn't what the default is, its remembering each individual users preferences.


It would have been convenient if "Multiple" checkbox under Copy command come checked by default or have somehow a turn on/off feature.



I'm sure 90% of people have their finger on the ready to esc to cancel and move onto the next command if copying 1 item is wanted.


A simple tab under user preferences would cover everyones needs. Set defaults as required, set to remember last etc.


This really needs to be a thing. Just give us a button on the green bar, so we can make our choices and then 'Set as Default'.


our office uses spot elevations without shoulders. and it's always on by default - its really hard to convert AutoCAD users to Revit when simple things like system variables are missing.

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Just to add to this on-going thread, why isn't the "Numerical" option for the Scale command the default?!  I feel like "Numerical" is used 99% of the time, and very rarely is "Graphical" needed!!!  At least remember my last preference like the multiple copy thing.  Sheesh!

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