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Improve Pipe Riser Graphics

Improve Pipe Riser Graphics

Pipe riser graphics display unnecessary linework because of the elbow/tee at the bottom of the riser. It appears that there is a way to get them to display correctly. This can be accomplished by unchecking "Draw MEP Hidden Lines" under Mechanical Settings. But by doing so, you lose the Duct Lining, and Objects under Objects, drawn with Hidden Lines. Essentially the setting is contradictory where you need it checked for everything except Pipes Fittings under a pipe (a typical riser case).

We need two separate controls:

  • "Draw MEP Hidden Lines" - The current checkbox, controlling everything. Including, Pipe and Pipe fittings when under other objects.  
  • "Draw Pipe Fittings under Pipe Rise/Drop" - A second control that applies only to geometry under Rise/Drop symbols. Usually, an elbow or a tee at the bottom of the riser/drop. But it may need to be expanded to all geometry under Pipe Rise/Drop and not just fittings. 

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