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Highlight Active Row in Schedule While Editing

Highlight Active Row in Schedule While Editing

When inputting data into a schedule I would like the active row (and maybe column) to highlight so I can easily see which object I am editing.  For example; I am editing a door schedule, the door number is listed in the first column (A) and the hardware set is listed in the last column (O).  The schedule spans across most of my monitor so it makes it really hard to tell for which door I am entering a hardware set number.



I would like it to look more like Excel (bottom image) where you pick a cell and the row and column headers highlight to help you see your location.


I realize I can go into the model, select a door and enter its information in the properties panel but it seems like this would be a pretty minor feature to add to Revit that would really improve usability.




Exactly what Autodesk needs to develop! 🙂

Great question!


I was working in a door schedule today and noticed that this feature has been implemented in Revit 2020.2  Not sure when it was implemented but I just noticed it today.  Thanks, Autodesk!  So much better.

You can also stripe rows and freeze headers.  Great features.


Annotation 2020-01-04 161034.png

Status changed to: Implemented

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