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Headers within Sorting/Grouping Tab

Headers within Sorting/Grouping Tab

So Revit currently allows us to change the way a header appears in a schedule (font, color, size, etc...), but it does not allow you to change the appearance of the headers or footers of parameters used within the Sorting/Grouping tab in the schedule settings. Where this would come in handy is when I create an enumeration of drawings and I use a parameter to give me a drawing discipline heading so that it may show up when I bring it to a sheet. Another thing too is when I split my enumeration schedule while on a sheet, it makes a copy of the schedule title every time I split it. I'd like an option to turn this feature off, or have an option to say "[Title] Cont..."

My further explanation of this example is the following: I utilize a project parameter for "Discipline", "Discipline Order" and "Schedule", plus a few others. The "Schedule" parameter allows me to turn the sheet on or off in my actual enumeration (a separate schedule that filters stronger and is added to a sheet). The "Discipline Order" parameter allows me to assign a company standard designation that helps order my sheets (i.e. 9-Arch, 13-Plumb, 14-Mech). The "Discipline" parameter is used simply to provide a header in the enumeration list (so it needs to be typed exactly the same for every sheet created, almost like the view use parameter). Other parameters sort it even further. I also have a "master sheet list" that has hardly any restrictions or filters on it, and is used to control every parameter that I need. It is used as a QA/QC schedule of all sheets in the project and never placed on a sheet.  This is where my cleanup work happens, and I'd like to be able to make the Header and footer of a sorting parameter appear how I want.

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Hi @agrande,

We are working on a plugin that would make your "master sheet list" etc. really easy to work with. Essentially it is an alternative schedule that lets you sort, group and filter your elements on the fly, without the need to use these "clunky" settings that Revit provides since day one. If you are interested in learning more just let me know. Also, we have a very powerful reporting module that lets you create PDF/XLS/DOC files from your data with custom formatting, fully customizable page headers, etc.




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