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Hard cut for Crop View and Annotation Crop

Hard cut for Crop View and Annotation Crop



i'm hoping we're not the only one with this idea but make "crop view" and "annotation crop" what they sound like they should do. See attchment.

I create a view an then i just want to see a little part of the view. I make the crop region visible an then drag "crop view" and "annotation crop" lines. But now revit just shows the dimensions, text and revision clouds that are completely visible in the crop view. If you have like 15 plan sections for one groundplan there is a big possibility that dimension, text or revision clouds are never visible on the plan.

Pleas make the crop view and annotation crop like a hard cut. Its ok that you can't see the hole dimension or text but you know there is something and you just have to look on the other plan section.








I'm not sure that I agree with how you propose the behavior should be. However, I do agree that there needs to be a change. I'd like to see something more along the lines of AutoCAD's Crossing Window selection option, for the Annotation Crop boundary (include annotation that touches the crop, instead of just being completely within). Or at least an option to choose crossing-window vs. window for the Annotation Crop.


I don't think I'd like to see annotation with hard crops (like they are in AutoCAD). I don't want to see partial text (can actually be a HUGE error if it means something different based on where it's cut), or room tags with only 3 sides of a box (look ugly), or even open revision clouds (although some may disagree on that particular one).


I would like to see Span Direction Symbols truncated (or at least just check the visible lines of the symbol, instead of the extent of the Floor, when determining visibility in a view):


I would also like to see Dimensions truncated (and add a special symbol to the Dimension Type Properties to be used in that case - ex: a squiggle, or a double arrow - to indicate a continuation). This would be used to show the overall dimension in a partial plan without having to use "dumb" lines and text (or creating an overall plan to show it there).


Matchline cropping needs some further control as well.


One other option I might be happy with: use the regular Crop Region as a "Crossing-Window" to determine what annotation is visible, then use the "Annotation Crop" as a "hard crop".


I completely agree with Lennart on this one. We have the exact same problem with large floor plans of a stadium that requires 8 sheets to cover it all. Our office regularly works on large scale projects where this becomes a common problem. Annotation should just be cut hard. Kai's problem with wrong information due to truncated texts can be solved by moving the text so that in those important cases it is visible where it needs to be visible.


Today we found some other failer due to the behavior of the annotation crop.


Here you can see the primary view with some walls grids and dimensions. I marked the dimensions that needs to be hidden due to the annotation crop.




And now what we get in the dependent view:



Ok... i think this is no working as intended but please let us decide what we want to see/ crop.


If I had to guess, I'd say that the top string of dimensions is one continuous element, but the bottom string is made up of individual (separate) Dimension elements?



No. They are both continuous elements. 😞


Sorry can't edit my post anymore. Did a support request today and made a screencast of it.


@schlueter I like watching videos of other people working - I always find out new ways to use Revit. I think I'd seen the Dimension command options before, but it's been many years - good to be reminded of it. 🙂


You might want to try stretching out your Annotation Crop boundary: select the Crop Region, then drag the handles on the dashed region farther away from it. If even PART of the Dimension is outside of the Annotation Crop, the whole string will be hidden.


I can't belive this is just 26 votes 😞 **** u revit.


This is frustrating. Tody we switch scale from 1:100 to 1:50. So we need to split the view and duplicated the view as a depended view and created two new sheets.


So we have a big floor breakthrough and in the middel we write a note with tow arrows to the corners. The upper part from the floorplan shows the whole floor breakthrough and the lower part not. So in the sheet of the lower floorplan the note is gone because it is not fully shown. Come on... this can't be. Just because its not fully shown means u can just delete it.




Please let us do a hard cut crop view like we did so many years in autocad or at least give us the option to turn this off.




Community Visitor



Même problème que Schlueter.

Quand pensez-vous le résoudre ?






@schlueterDon't get discouraged... I just had an archived idea with 4 votes get accepted!


That said,

@grif.beton.armeDon't hold your breath. This is Autodesk, after all. C'est la vie.

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