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Filter rules " if THIS, then THAT" - example stated not possible atm

Filter rules " if THIS, then THAT" - example stated not possible atm

Hi there!


I great filter option would be " if THIS, then THAT" for example with THIS being workset visibility and THAT being the variable.


The example I have is, I need a specific element to be hidden if a specific workset it visible - any work arounds would be welcome, but I think it is possible with a filter if workset parameters are available. 




How is this different than what is currently available? Apply the filter to the category you want to hide and then uncheck visibility in the filters list of VG setting. Anything in that category will be off if the workset is shown in the view.




Hi @Mike.FORM 


Following you're advice I still get a bit stuck.



I can see how it could work however I'n not sure how I can configure the rules to work -only- when the 10_Ground floor workset is visible. And if I could get such a filter working in reverse that would be great - ie if the 10_Ground floor workset is hidden then the mass marked HIDE will be visible. 


Actually I see the issue now. You are correct you cannot control the visibility of an item if the filter is on or off, you can only currently control if the mass is off if it is on a particular workset. I have voted to add.




Hi @Mike.FORM 


Glad to see your comment - I hadn't got around to trying out your method so good to hear that it wasn't just me! 


All the best 🙂

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