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Field text

Field text

When working with the text lacks the two possibilities that exist in AutoCAD (field).

  1. Add the data from the "Project information" to the text "text blocks" so that when they change this data in the text they also change.
  2. Add "text blocks" with data from the sheets if the text is on the sheet. This will allow the text to refer to the number, name of the sheet. When you change the design data, the text blocks will also change.



Allowing us to map shared parameters to generic text or blocks of text would be incredibly beneficial. I understand that tags can do this for single elements, but being able to do this across drawings or views would be huge.


For example, if you wanted to reference a panel and circuit for a specific element in a drawing note and detail. You would make a field that references the elements guid and the parameter. It then would be dynamically linked, thus if you edit the circuit the detail matches without manual updating of the text  


This could operate in one of two ways. Similar to how fields are set up in AutoCad using Objects where you would select an element and then the property (parameters in this case). Or, have a text trigger such as {<ELEMENT GUID>,<PARAMETER NAME OR GUID>}.


Added bonus if you could format the units similar to in schedules.


Possibility add parameters to basic text annotation.


Tags (1)


Hasn't got much love, but figured I would share with yours.


Even if this was only global parameters, project information, view names, and sheet numbers, it would be very helpful.


Yeah, i do that all the time in Autocad. In any text (label), i add fields for measuring total length (perimeter) of polylines, or total area, etc. **** useful. Whenever i'm changing the geometry, i just regenerate the fields and get the new values. Just like the room labels do. But we need a generic solution for any label or text. And for any parameter, not just architectural.


Hi, @joseph.staniowski 


If you wanna go with 3rd party plugins, BIMright has a feature called Data Referencethat does exactly this. 


Hi @sonicer@ipselute 


If you wanna go with 3rd party plugins, BIMright has a feature called Text Note Bindingthat does exactly this.


The ability when creating a leader pointing to an object to somehow be able to insert a fields whereby if the actual geometry size changed the text would be able to recognize the dimensions and update the text accordingly.

i.e. I have a cube 30x30x30. In my drawing I place some text with a leader pointing to the cube and state 30x30x30 cube. I then change the dimensions of the cube to 30x40x50. The text will automatically update to reflect the change, thus will change to 30x40x50 cube.

I should be able to link data such as lengths, marks, comments, shared parameters.... basically anything you are able to schedule so that text is no longer just dumb text and there is now some sort of BIM ability in the text


Tags (3)

You can already do this... You need to look up how to create tags and how to use shared parameters.


Agreed with @mhiserZFHXS . This is just normal functionality of Revit, you just need to learn the process of doing it. Use a tag and setup some parameters for the dimensions you are using, etc. Simple / basic stuff when learning Revit and family creation.


Though a tag would work there are holes in that methodology, with the outcome having to create and save multiple iterations in many instances to suit.


(1) alignment of text: though you can get text and labels reasonably aligned they will never truly be aligned.

(illustration exaggerated to demonstrate point) tag.PNG

(2) creating spacing gaps for parameters that will change. As can be seen in the top 2 lines the spacing gap is too big for the top line but satisfies the requirement for second line. In a similar instance, but on opposite end of the scale, on the bottom 2 lines the spacing satisfies requirement for line 3, but starts overlapping for line 4. Thus you would have to create multiple iterations to accommodate all possible outcomes.


on a side note this idea may resolve this issue: Move Text With Parameter - Autodesk Community


(3) it creates extra steps by having to edit, save the family each time the text &/or parameters change to suit. You would then need to conduct a trial to see if there was any clash with geometry detailing, other annotation, neighboring views on a sheet.... If there is a clash you would then need to start the process over. Would be easier to resolve this issues on the fly and seeing immediate effect of changes. rather then updating the family in family editor where the outcome affect will be unknown.

(4) Text wrapping is easily controlled with normal text annotation while a tag seems to be static, so you again would have to create multiple iterations i.e

 Example 1 (single line)

Text text text

Example 2 (multiple lines)





(5) Tag is used only once. Sort of seems like a pointless exercise to create a tag that may only ever be used once if at all, but where the actual object & surrounding geometry that it will be referring to will probably change numerous times in the project design. thus affecting how the tag should appear (see other points listed)


(6) Complicates family file management. You may have 2 simultaneous projects running. The tag may suit project 1 but will require modification for Project 2. Or the tag works for view 1, but not view 2 within a project....(see point 3&4)


I feel Fields would be better suited to resolving issues mentioned above.



Listen, its already possible.


Numbers 1 and 2 would be issues even if you used text instead. You'd still have to resize whatever thing you've created if there are too many characters. I'd suggest making a couple of types in your tag family so you can resize with two clicks rather than opening up the family and editing it every time. For instance, I have short, medium, and long types within my door tag. On top of that, I have a Dynamo script to automatically resize all of them based on how many characters are in them.


Number 4, you can make text wrap in tags.


Numbers 3, 5, and 6 are only issues if you don't understand how BIM works. Its on you if you're using different tags for every single project. Instead of recreating tags, or any family for that matter, for every single project, make some firm standards and stick to them. Sure, you can make something from scratch if you have some out of the ordinary condition that absolutely requires it, but this shouldn't be common.


I told you how to fix the problem. Instead of being dismissive, actually look into it. I'm not saying its simple, but its not rocket science either. The knowledge you'll gain from learning how to create tags will apply to a lot of other applications in Revit. I agree that there are some quality-of-life improvements that Autodesk could add to make the functionality of tags even better, but that doesn't mean that building actual tags isn't light years more efficient than whatever your current system is.




Hi, if I understand your idea correctly, it would be similar to the way "fields" works in Autocad (but in better) ?

If so, I would really like to see this implemented.


Exemple :

I need an annotation stating : "galvanised lintel L102x102x6.4, see sheet S-03"

Instead of having to create a tag family just for it (and one type for every other needs), with a leader that don't start where you need it (i.e. too far away from the text, on the wrong side, etc...)


place tag families in a text like the numer (1) exemple (and need to displace it whenever the item is moved) ;

I could create a text with a leader that would be "linked" to the L102x102x6.4 and write this :

<< galvanised lintel "field for the name of the element" , see sheet "field for a "view reference" >>


So it would act exactly like a tag but with a lot more options and versatility since I could enter any fields I need with any text I need.


The simple tags that already exists would still be useful, but to write more informations, the idea of fields is far better.


In the image below, the blue text would be the fields integrated in the text so they would move with it, would take the same settings, etc...




It would be awesome to be able to link any parameters from any element, so here is an other example :

We always write a description of the composition of the floor under the title of the plan view. So it goes like this :

Top of concrete el xxxxx (U.O.N.)

concrete slab xx" thick with wire mesh ...

rigid insulation and vapor barrier see arch.

backfil ....


I could create a text and insert 2 fields linked to the slab by entering its ID. Then in the "field menu" there would be a list of all the parameters of this item (and a search + filter options), from which I would select "top elevation" and "thickness".


The possibility would be endless, the text would always be neat and the information would still be linked to an element.



Many other Idea's have been submitted for similar things. Here's a list of all that I could find quickly, but I'm sure there are more. Perhaps @kimberly.fuhrman can help combine them?


This one is similar, but limited to just View References.



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