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Family - Add dynamic Label

Family - Add dynamic Label

It would save so much of time in certain cases for model families to include the option to add label text.

I recognize that tags can be used in the same way, but it would be such a time/cost saver to allow users to add dynamic label text to 3D families (so that text is in place upon placement of the family rather than having to add and modify the tags separately).


If you create a generic annotation family and add a label with of the parameter type text, you can then place that into a 3D family and link it to a text parameter in that family. This is how the OOTB appliance families work. The caveat to this is that it will only appear in views where you placed it, so if you want to see it in plan, place in a plan view, elevation then place in an elevation view. You can make the parameter either instance or type, just make sure that if you want it to be an instance parameter, that you make it so in the generic annotation family.


Thanks! I'll give this a try.

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In the families, a text label is not available. Unfortunately, I think Revit does have dynamic text.


I know we can create a generic annotation family and nest this within our detail family...  I would rather not have to do that and just be able to create a label within the detail family that could read parameters from the family such as Type Name or Comments, or Keynote value, or the length of something without needing to link the parameter in the nested family to the parameter in the host family. 


It would really make our lives a lot simpler and less messy.  Thank you.

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As for the AV industry and also working smart, I would like to have some features from AutoCAD regarding documentation.


When I create families, I can't add labels. I can't make intelligent symbols if I can't add labels. Why on earth I can't do this? 


Some people would say; you can make tags, but that is inefficient because you must tag every element and tidy them. And also make specific tags for specific scales.

Some people would; you can insert generic annotation into the family. The problem with generic annotation is that you can't control the scale. If I have different scale plans on paper or different scale same plans, it doesn't look good. I must create specific annotations for specific scales.


I prefer to have one family and be able to control how I want rather than have families for different scales.


Kind regards,



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