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Elevation Tag bodies should behave like Section Heads

Elevation Tag bodies should behave like Section Heads

Since the dawn of Revit, there have been calls to fix the rotation of text and graphics in the elevation tag body. There are two standards for exterior elevation tags shown in the (USA) National CAD Standards v5 ( Out of the box, Revit provides the newer of the two (circle with sheet number and detail number exterior to the tag), and even that is not the default tag.  Aspiring Reviteers have attempted to implement the older standard version (a beefier implementation of the section head with detail and sheet number interior to the tag, but have run afoul of the Section Marker family template's limitations. (,,


I think it's time Revit provided the ability to create an elevation tag that allows for both.  See below:

Revit Elevation Tags.png


In order to get the Elevation Body Family to work you need to have the following parameters set so that the text stays in proper orientation:


1. Keep Readable turned off.

2. Fixed Rotation Turned off.


Once that is set, you need a Elevation Pointer Family at each angle that your elevations are going to be set too. See the attached images. Revit will then pick up the proper pointer for the elevation you are trying to create. If you really want to you can add 360 elevation pointers and have it set for just about any situation you will run across.

In Project View.png

Exploded Elevation Marker.png

Assembled Elevation Marker.png


Zach - do you have a working version of that family you could share or upload somewhere?


Zach, can you provide this to us?


Why is this not the default Tag in Revit, or at least an included option.  since it is the one that 90% of Architecture firms used prior to Revit, and most small firms/sole practitioners don't have the staff or time to create custom Tags.   The included options are terrible.

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